Saturday, January 9, 2010

these colorful bums is funny. (:

hey there, all.

happy 2010, though i'm about eight days late. XD

so i haven't gotten adequate sleep in... two weeks. greatt. (: but at least i've been editing, so it's all good.

blah. i don't know what to say.

so i'll say something about 2009. :D

2009 was a turmoil. i broke up with two guys, got my heart broken by the same guy three times (bad idea, getting with an ex), got two new phones xD, had two breakdowns (don't even ask...), and SAW THE FUCKING INAUGURATION! ohmygod, that was the highlight. two million people isn't a good idea to get lost in the midst of, but i wouldn't trade that memory for anything. &hearts

i guess that's all i can say. (: ciao.