Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i want a coin-operated boy. (:

i love that song. it's coin operated boy, by the dresden dolls. xD it's been stuck in my head ever since i put it as my myspace song, and i actually know the entire thing now.

so i've finished chapter seven, editing wise. which means... only twenty more to go. -sigh- i really do abhor editing. yes, i know, if i ever expect to be published, i have to suck it up and deal, but that doesn't stop it being awful. xP

i'm sorry, i went to bed at 5 am (again) last night... and got up at eight;; i'm not making much sense at all. (: i hate having insomnia, let's just leave it at that (leave it at that, mhm... anyone know that song? back where we started? no? ah, well.).

i feel like there's more i should say.

i have a follower. thanks, leelee. (:

and i guess that's it. for now. <3


Monday, December 28, 2009

i'll sing this soft and slow.

hey, people who might be reading this. (:

so it's 4 pm here. i went to bed at 730 am (not a good idea) and woke up at 2, when my mom called me. xD so i've only been up about two hours, but i'm really tired.

hmm. what to talk about? obviously, i planned this blog out very well.

i'm almost done with editing what i call 'part one' of my novel... chapters one through ten. it's not completely done, but it's much better, as it is, then when i wrote it originally.

maybe i'll post an excerpt, sometime.

oh! in other news... i've finally fixed my friendships with people who i wasn't friends with anymore. (: especially holly*. she was really mad at me for awhile, for a bunch of stupid shit that i did, but i think we're finally friends again. and destiny*, we're friends again too.

happy new year's to everyone reading this, and don't be afraid to follow me. (:

* Names have been changed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

we wish you a merry christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone. :D

So I woke up this morning to my brother, Jake*, tapping me on the shoulder. We ran downstairs, waking up the parentals, and opened our gifts. I got...

Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead
Frostbite, by the same
Tricks, by Ellen Hopkins
The new(ish) Britney Spears CD
Lady Gaga's CD
Sara Bareilles' CD
Katy Perry
Harry Potter 6 (!!!!!!!!!)
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I think that's it... basically. Except, of course for the Network Adaptor! I was so happy, now I've finally got internet on my lappytop. <3

Last night was...strange. I went to church for the first time in about three years... I felt so out of place. It was fun, but... strange. I liked it, though. I think I'll be going back to church more, now. (:

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to everyone reading this. <3


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost in this world. I even get lost in this song.


NaNoWriMo, how I love thee.

What? Did I just say that? Last year, I loathed it. I loathed the word count, the rush-rush-rush feeling, the no-editing. This year, I'm taking it easy and slow. And I'm liking it.

I've got about 7100 words. Not a whole lot, no, but I only got 10K during the whole month last year. So this year's going to be much better, I can already tell. (:

My first line, as so generously dared by a NaNoer on the forums, is:

"Where the hell are my pants?"

Ha, I like it. (:

In other news? I'm sick. ): Not good. I had to leave school because we had a damn fire. No, not a drill. A fire. Which meant an hour and a half of being outside, me with no jacket.

And everyone around me thinks I have the flu. Oh, bloody joy.

Bye, all.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sure on this shining night of star-made shadows 'round...

Kindness must watch for me, this si-i-ide the ground...

Whoo! Sorry, all. (Right, like anyone reads this.) I've just left school, and what do I have last hour? Choir, of course. And we've got a concert tonight, so I've got ^^ that song stuck in my head. xP It's a pretty song, but I wish we didn't have to sing it...

Ah, well. (: Chin up, eh? Yeah, suddenly turned British...

OKAY! New topic.

... Dance. My fallback option, always. (: I had to skip yesterday because of Choir (Huh, everything seems to lead back to that, huh?) and it depressed me. xP I really enjoy having my 3 days a week of dance, and the extra exercise never hurts. (;

This year, we're doing Thriller for Opener. :D I'm so excited, it's my first year in the class, and who doesn't know that song? Plus, it's going to be far cooler then it's been in past years. (;

So I love fall. The season, I mean. Not the act of falling, I don't enjoy that much... Anywho, I'm so happy it's Fall again, I love the colors and the crisp (not cold) air, and... Gah. I don't know, I really enjoy it. It's my favorite season. (:

I'm a boring person. Sorry.

I guess that's all I have to say... Ciao, all. (:


Saturday, October 17, 2009

The shame, the ones who died.

-looks around- Well, isn't this nice. (: A shiny new blog.

I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself, eh?

My name is Jasmine. I'm 15 years old. My main 'hobbies' are dancing, acting, singing, and writing, though I plan to make that one less of a hobby and more of a career. I plan on being an English teacher until that happens, however. This blog will probably be one of the most poorly updated, as I tend to forget about them, but I'll never abandon it completely.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo next month, which should be fun. (: 50,000 words in a month--sounds good. :D

Music is my muse, and I've written a couple of songs. (:

I've been published before. Not a novel (yet), but I've had a few poems in books and such.

Writing is my main passion. What I'm currently working on is called Letters and Lies, and it's going to be a novel, if not expanding to a sequel.

I enjoy short stories as well, and I try to write more then one genre; I especially like humor, though.

Well... That sounds like a personal ad for someone with a writer's fetish. o.o Sorry.

I'll post more when I've got interesting things to say. (: If you'd like to read more by me, head on over to my livejournal: http://scarleteyes09.livejournal.com

(: Ciao, all. Feel free to comment.