Monday, December 28, 2009

i'll sing this soft and slow.

hey, people who might be reading this. (:

so it's 4 pm here. i went to bed at 730 am (not a good idea) and woke up at 2, when my mom called me. xD so i've only been up about two hours, but i'm really tired.

hmm. what to talk about? obviously, i planned this blog out very well.

i'm almost done with editing what i call 'part one' of my novel... chapters one through ten. it's not completely done, but it's much better, as it is, then when i wrote it originally.

maybe i'll post an excerpt, sometime.

oh! in other news... i've finally fixed my friendships with people who i wasn't friends with anymore. (: especially holly*. she was really mad at me for awhile, for a bunch of stupid shit that i did, but i think we're finally friends again. and destiny*, we're friends again too.

happy new year's to everyone reading this, and don't be afraid to follow me. (:

* Names have been changed.

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