Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i want a coin-operated boy. (:

i love that song. it's coin operated boy, by the dresden dolls. xD it's been stuck in my head ever since i put it as my myspace song, and i actually know the entire thing now.

so i've finished chapter seven, editing wise. which means... only twenty more to go. -sigh- i really do abhor editing. yes, i know, if i ever expect to be published, i have to suck it up and deal, but that doesn't stop it being awful. xP

i'm sorry, i went to bed at 5 am (again) last night... and got up at eight;; i'm not making much sense at all. (: i hate having insomnia, let's just leave it at that (leave it at that, mhm... anyone know that song? back where we started? no? ah, well.).

i feel like there's more i should say.

i have a follower. thanks, leelee. (:

and i guess that's it. for now. <3


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