Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sure on this shining night of star-made shadows 'round...

Kindness must watch for me, this si-i-ide the ground...

Whoo! Sorry, all. (Right, like anyone reads this.) I've just left school, and what do I have last hour? Choir, of course. And we've got a concert tonight, so I've got ^^ that song stuck in my head. xP It's a pretty song, but I wish we didn't have to sing it...

Ah, well. (: Chin up, eh? Yeah, suddenly turned British...

OKAY! New topic.

... Dance. My fallback option, always. (: I had to skip yesterday because of Choir (Huh, everything seems to lead back to that, huh?) and it depressed me. xP I really enjoy having my 3 days a week of dance, and the extra exercise never hurts. (;

This year, we're doing Thriller for Opener. :D I'm so excited, it's my first year in the class, and who doesn't know that song? Plus, it's going to be far cooler then it's been in past years. (;

So I love fall. The season, I mean. Not the act of falling, I don't enjoy that much... Anywho, I'm so happy it's Fall again, I love the colors and the crisp (not cold) air, and... Gah. I don't know, I really enjoy it. It's my favorite season. (:

I'm a boring person. Sorry.

I guess that's all I have to say... Ciao, all. (:


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