Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost in this world. I even get lost in this song.


NaNoWriMo, how I love thee.

What? Did I just say that? Last year, I loathed it. I loathed the word count, the rush-rush-rush feeling, the no-editing. This year, I'm taking it easy and slow. And I'm liking it.

I've got about 7100 words. Not a whole lot, no, but I only got 10K during the whole month last year. So this year's going to be much better, I can already tell. (:

My first line, as so generously dared by a NaNoer on the forums, is:

"Where the hell are my pants?"

Ha, I like it. (:

In other news? I'm sick. ): Not good. I had to leave school because we had a damn fire. No, not a drill. A fire. Which meant an hour and a half of being outside, me with no jacket.

And everyone around me thinks I have the flu. Oh, bloody joy.

Bye, all.


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