Saturday, July 3, 2010

Climbing a Mountain.

So JulNo is going really well. I've got about 22,000 words, give or take a hundred, and for three days, that's damn good.

One of the ways I've found to really motivate myself is to use this thing called the Stats Menu, on the JulNo page. Basically, everyone who's put in their wordcount for the month so far gets a rank based on said word count, and you can tell what number you are.

I've been behind a certain user for a day and a half now. Sure, others slip ahead of me, but only by a hundred or two, and I can make that up very easily. (There was a time, actually, when one user was one word ahead of me and I was like uh... Wow. Coincidence much?)

So this user (We'll call her D, though that has nothing to do with her username) has been ahead of me. Currently, she resides at the safe halfway mark of 25,000 words.

I've only got 3,000 to go, and it seems so damn hard. I don't know what it is; maybe it's a psychological thing? maybe I'm just crazy? But it seems much more difficult to do those 3,000 words than it's been to do the 22,000 I've already written.

And the 22K has been difficult. It's not been easy, no way.

I feel like I'm climbing a mountain with this. With 25K will come the halfway point of the JulNo goal (probably only a third of my actual novel, but oh well), and once I hit that, I feel it'll go much more smoothly.

It doesn't help that I'm at a point in time where my characters are all remembering their awful, awful pasts, and I hate doing that to them...

I'm going to hit 25K, though. I will. If not today, then tomorrow.

I really, really want to get it today, though. (:

(This has been a procrastination-heavy blog post by me. ;D)

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