Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why does StumbleUpon need a category for "Left-Handed"?

Well, I got on the computer just now to read some blogs, write a bit, and edit.

I was reading one, and the author mentioned "Stumbleupon". So I, being the hapless idiot that I am, Googled it.

I'm insanely intrigued, and I've just found 100000000000000000000 more ways to procrastinate. *click* Yupp, just hit procrastinating. :D

... I have no life.

In other news, my proof shipped today. What does this mean, loyal readers? Well, now I'll finally stop talking about it. Well, once I get it, I promise I will. :D So, y'all should be excited.

... With all the times I say "y'all", you'd think I was from Texas. o.o

And now I'm all of a sudden really tired. Good night, everybody! (No, I haven't done any writing. Don't judge me.)

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