Monday, March 8, 2010

everybody needs inspiration, everybody needs a song.

Yes, that's Miley Cyrus. (: I love her. No idea why... I really can't stand Hannah Montana, but she's pretty all right. (:

So today we went out to lunch, right? We went to McDonald's, and when we got back, we had to go back through the other doors, 'cause nobody was at our usual ones. See, sophomores (like myself) technically aren't allowed to go out to lunch, but I go out with seniors. And the lady at the front was all set to suspend me until Nicole, fast thinker is she, made up some bullshit about me waiting outside. I've never been more grateful. xD

Choir has been crazy. :P The teacher has taken it upon herself to make us fantabulous singers by our freaking concert, on Friday. We have 2 more classes. Cue the stress? I do believe. We sang our hearts out, but she didn't seem pleased. >< Please, just kill me now.

I turned in my short story today, about the critic. (: The guy who did my peer editing said he really liked it, which was a total boost for my confidence. xD He said he was going to dream about the guy tonight, he was so real. (: That made me smile so much, I can't even say. I love Marcus Brown, I must admit. (;

Tonight, I've got dance. :D More THRILLER! Yes. (: <3

Tomorrow, methinks I'm seeing Alice again. Which, you know, will be pretty freakin' sweet.

I think I'm going to look up dances on YouTube. Here's one for y'all:

Crazy little girl. (:

Freaky, no?

Toodles. (:


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