Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hey, soul sister, i don't wanna miss a single thing you do.

Well, this entry's going to be rather short. I'm short on time, as I just got back from an unscheduled Dance Company meeting. It was super easy, just ridiculously fast...

Anyway. Yesterday, as I said, I was sick. :P So I went for a walk, with my Zune playing "Back Where We Started". Over and over. (: I walked all around my neighborhood... I've never, before now, noticed just how eerie it is to be walking outside with nobody there. o.o Somewhat terrifying, so I turned it low and pretended to be texting. xD I'm such a dork. (:

In writing news, I'm steadily working on editing my novel. (: I think it should be done by around the middle of March. Or, at least, Draft 3 will. Then, I can send it in to get my CreateSpace copy! :D I'm so excited.

In sad news, I failed a Chemistry test today. ): At least, I think I did. I'm hoping I got at least a C-, so I won't be in trouble, but I doubt it. Blah. At least today was a Late Start day. :D That means that instead of getting up at 6 30, I got up at 8! It was pure loveliness. :D

I'm currently reading On Writing, by Stephen King. (Did I already mention that? Probably... Ah, well.) I like it, it's very informative and also, I'm a huge SK fan. Pretty fantabulous.

Well, I have to run for dance at my studio. I get to be a Charlie's Angel! Hell, yes. *practices spy moves*

Later, all. (:


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