Thursday, March 25, 2010

teenagers scare the living shit out of me.

So it appears that I never realized until today just how much of a suckup I am. o.o Seriously. My teacher wanted someone to sort through songs and reorder them, and I thought nothing of volunteering.

What the hell?

Where's my teenager gene?! The one that tells me when to shy away from work of any kind that doesn't involve sex or turning on my Zune! To play my emo music, of course. (ONLYMYMUSICUNDERSTANDSME.)


I guess I'm just a suckup. Or maybe I'll be all teenager-y when I'm in college, you know, being all independent and writer-y and whatnot.


Not gonna happen, because A) I hate alcohol and B) I hate smoking. Aren't those the teenager things? xD Shows how much I know, eh?

But in all seriousness, I don't know why I'm not more of a teenager. I know, Dad had something to do with it (he died when I was 13, for reference if you, dear reader, don't know), but I've been like this my whole life. Maybe I'm just a wuss. I mean, it's not like I don't want to party (HARD), or like I'm some crazy religious person, you know?

I'm a rare breed.

And only my music understands me!!


That seems like the perfect place to end my blog, but I actually have more to say, for once. (:

I finished another story! :D It's called "Gold E. Locks" and it's about... wait for it... Goldilocks. Yeah. Shocker, I know. I had to write it for Imaginative Writing, so it's technically not my own "fault" that I finished, but it's more writing then I've done in a really long time.

Speaking of. I think it's insulting, my calling myself a "writer" and not writing lately. So by tonight, I will have at least a one-shot written. :D And if I don't, so help me...

Speaking of tonight (wow, I jump topics often), I'm not going to dance. ): It makes me incredibly sad, being as it's my favorite classes tonight, but at least I'll have time to do all that writing. If only blog posts counted in my mental tally, because this is really rambly. :P

Eh. I think I'm done.


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