Monday, March 1, 2010

why don't we just leave it at that?


It's March 1st. You know what that means? Well, I'll tell you. :D

Okay, enough of the faux-cheerful-announcer thing. Anyway. It means that NaNoEdMo is officially underway. (: Which also means that there will be many more posts in fits of exasperation. Ah, it makes me miss NaNo.(:

For those of you who don't know what NaNoEdMo is, then I'm the gal to tell you all about it. (: It's National Novel Editing Month, a lot like NaNoWriMo, where you try to do 50 hours of editing in a month. It's great fun, except for when it isn't. But those times can't be helped. (;

Currently, I have three chapters edited, and I'm ready to scrap the rest of it and kill my FMC. But alas, stupid delete button is subconsciously not allowing me to. (:

I think I'm going to go now. But, for the record, I'm going to try to update this thing every day in March. (: Like the thing in February, only March. Ya got me? (;

Also, follow me on twitter. (Shameless promotion at its finest). I'm @misslilypotter.

That's all for now. Ciao, cyberpeeps.


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