Tuesday, March 9, 2010

imperfect boys with their perfect ploys.

Whoo! No school today. (: I stayed up really late last night, till about five, then my friend woke me up at 10;45, and we're hanging out in about an hour. :D As long as I can find my flipflops, at least... And even if I can't. (: We're going to buy my mommy a birthday present, and then get ice cream. :D I'm really excited. I don't know, it just seems like I never get to hang out with people that I don't see all the time, and I like being able to just call people up and say "Wanna hang out?" I could do that at my old house, but not anymore. :P Stupid moving-ness.

I finally opened my second season of Gossip Girl. Sex, drugs, and scandal! My kinda TV show. (: But really, I adore it. I hated the books when I originally read them, but I recently got the first one, and I think I'll reread them. Spoiled Upper East Siders. Maybe I just like the actors, who knows?

I think I really needed this break. It's so much better, not having to go to school. Especially since I would have died at school today, with two hours of sleep. :P

Well, I'm off to find my flipflops and watch Gossip Girl, methinks.

Ciao. (:


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