Wednesday, March 24, 2010

maybe we won't be okay. but maybe we're tough, and we'll try anyway.

So I've decided. (: I'm going to do The Life of the Party for MY final, and A is going to do Take Me or Leave Me (with yours truly as Maureen) for hers. :D I'm excited! Now all I have to do is practice X a million. (:

I think I need a break from something. I just... I feel... done. Like, I want to do things, but I've lost my drive. This terrifies me. I want to get as much out of my teenage years as I can, and that includes dancing + writing + singing + acting! But I'm just not feeling it.

I'm going fly fishing this weekend. <3 It's just the thing I need, to forget about all the shit in my life that's going on at the moment. I'd get into it now, but I don't have the patience.

So I've fallen in love with the song Maybe (Next to Normal), from the musical Next to Normal. :D Damn, the mom can sing. <3 I envy her. xD

I'm such a fucking Broadway geek. And I've never been. YET. (: But what can I say? The music's the SHIT, and I have a lot of respect for people that can sing amazingly when they're LIVE. (re: NOT MILEY CYRUS.)

Bye, loves. (:

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