Tuesday, March 23, 2010

point me to the sky. it's my turn to fly.

Wow. Again, sorry with the lack of updating. ): I do have things to say, though. For once. :D

I finally read the synopsis of Wicked (the musical). It sounds amazing, and I'M SO EXCITED I MIGHT BE GOING!

Ditto to SPRING AWAKENING! I heard the song Mama Who Bore Me (it's frigging amazing, for the record ;D), and I fell in love. (: I read the synop today, and Mother might be taking me in May. So, fingers crossed for that. (:

I've narrowed down the ideas for my final. (: Right now, it stands at:

Definitely Doing (as in, any others would be additional):

Dancing with A for hers (extra credit for me)
Singing Take Me or Leave Me with A (extra credit for both of us), as Maureen. :D


Superboy and the Invisible Girl from Next to Normal
Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening
The Life of the Party from The Wild Party

About that last one. If you haven't heard it, I really recommend it if you like good vocals. (: It's from a musical (obviously), but it sounds like it could be done outside of a musical. (:

Any opinions on which I should do would be greatly appreciated in the forms of comments. :D

That's all for now.


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